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Re-manufacturing Overview

We have taken Escomatic Machine Re-manufacturing to the next level with our newest Powder-Coating Technology. We ensure that each machine is completely torn down and brought straight to it's original base. We sandblast each machine by hand, followed by manually powdering each component to go back on the machine. This process increases the life of the machine since it will not rust, chip, or crack. With Powder-Coating Technology,  the machine is much easier to wipe down and keep clean.  With proper maintenance, these Escomatic's will promise quality production for years to come.

After powder-coating, we reassemble the machines back to their original manufacturer specifications. We ONLY use OEM Spare Parts directly from Switzerland to ensure that we withstand the standards of Swiss quality. Following assembly, we rewire the machine with up-to-date electrical safety switches and shutoffs. Our machines are then setup and fully tested before leaving our facility. Our customers have been extremely pleased with the Swiss quality and craftsmanship of each machine that has left our facility. 



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We also sell Newmac cnc's...


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