D6 Turret Re-Manufacture


Turret Back Before Photo - Copy.jpg


Break In Photo .jpg

The re-manufacture of a turret starts with the removal of all components, down to the turrets base...


Turret After Photo .jpg
Turret Before Photo  - Copy.jpg

...The base and all levers and external components are then sandblasted and powder-coated

While the base and external components are being sandblasted and powder-coated; all of the inner moving components of the turret are stripped down to their nuts and bolts and are fully replaced...

DSCN2305 (11).jpg

Turret Complete  - Copy.jpg

Once everything is ready for re-assembly it is all put back together to become the finished product that is to be fully-tested and sent to the customer.


D6 Turret Rebuilt, in the process of being tested and broken-in

Turret sample2 - Copy.jpg