D6's Re-Manufactured

Before & After Photos D6 & D2 Escomatics 001 (9) - Copy.jpg

The re-manufacture process is quite extensive and can be tailored to any company's specific needs. 

First, We remove all of the components from doors to covers; clutch boxes to turrets, gear boxes, and tool-heads, right down to the base. 

All the painted components are then brought to our Powder-coating facility where they are sandblasted and powder-coated back to their original glory!

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As we dis-assemble, every small component from bolts to bearings, shafts, pins, etc. are all inspected. Once inspection is complete, a detailed list of OEM Spare Parts required for the job is handed over to our Inventory Specialist. The parts are then pulled from our extensive inventory and brought to the machine for reassembly. 


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Once the powder-coating process is complete, the machine is fully put back together and re-wired with the latest safety sensors and shutoffs.

Re-manufactured Components

D9 with Hydraulic Straightener & D6 with GL Attachment

Remanufactured D6 Machines